PC vs Mac for the Writer

Answering this question as easy as possible: is PC or Mac better for us writers?

Back in November I had to trade out my Macbook Air since it decided to die on me out of nowhere. Luckily I was able to save all my files before jumping ship, so no progress on my book was lost, thank the gods. So I decided to pick up a PC Laptop instead and see if it would serve me better. I grew up with PC’s, so it was a format I was much more familiar with until I decided to use a Macbook Air during my college years.

Since about age twelve I’ve been using both PC and Mac laptops for writing. I wrote my first book on an old Dell laptop, before trying out Mac for a good three years.  I used that Macbook for all my college essays and research projects, and for a good chunk of my work-in-progress book “TALES FROM THE LAST GREAT LAKE.” I ended up really pissed at that laptop for dying on me all of a sudden, but kudos to it for carrying me to my B.A. in English.

So which worked better for me as a writer?

Well..they both have their pros and cons. Macbooks are much better for writing outside of the house. My Macbook Air was super easy to carry around if I wanted to get some work done in a waiting room, airport, coffee shop, you name it. And Macbooks also seem to have a much better battery life. I could write for hours out of the house and not worry about the battery at all.

The PC laptop I have now isn’t the greatest for “on the go” writing; it’s not only noticeably heavier, even when compared to the Macbook Pro, but its battery doesn’t last as long. Meaning I either need to sit next to an outlet if I want to write in public for an extended period, or I should just not bother lugging it around. Granted there are PC laptops with great battery life but they are a pretty penny and I’m not rich.

If you’re the type of writer who loves to write in a Starbucks for hours on end, Macbooks are the way to go. But if you’re usually going to just stay at home for writing, either one will do just fine.

However, the PC has a lot more user-friendly formatting. Downloading software and extensions is easier to work with which means less headache time, more writing time. Also, almost all PC laptops nowadays have touch-screen. For a writer that means if you’re re-reading past chapters, or doing some research, it’s much faster to scroll through tons of ePubs or PDF’s with your finger than awkwardly scrolling on the touchpad. My current laptop (Samsung Notebook 7 Spin) also bends back so it can turn into a tablet. This makes reading on my laptop so much easier. Macbooks really need to upgrade to a touch screen if they want to impress me in this regard. Plus it makes watching Hulu or Netflix simpler too, for those well earned breaks from writing.

Finally like most other writer I love having music to listen to. Now I haven’t been able to test the speaker quality of many PC’s, but my Macbook Air’s speakers were the best I’ve had compared to the three PC laptops I’ve owned. They all work just fine. But for good background jams to get that mood for a scene just write, I definitely miss my Macbook’s. (Then again this is easily remedied by plugging in headphones, but still.)

Overall, I might have to lean more towards PC, for the fact that they’re almost all touch-screen these days and there are a lot more options for different models, functions, features, and capability. With Macbooks, be it Air or Pro, you know exactly what you’re getting every time and there is less diversity with that.

My experience with writing on a Macbook made it easier to write on the go, but that’s about the only reason I would choose one over a PC. If I had a PC laptop as light as a Macbook Air and with that kind of battery life there would be no contest (technically they’re out there, but based on reviews I’ve read they dearly lack in quality.)

Again, take this all with a grain of salt. I’m not a professional rater of computers and this is all just based off of hundreds of hours spent writing on different types of laptops and how that worked for me.


One thought on “PC vs Mac for the Writer

    I say as a non PC gamer… haha.

    Oh man I wish my laptop (a PC) was lighter. I have one of the touch screen ones because I had the idea that I could use it in tablet mode to draw but then all touch screen pens I’ve tried with it SUCK. So if I want to lug it around I have to be carrying my drawing tablet as well…so that dream died pretty fast. (What would be best for me on the go it seems, still, is an iPad. But eh… I really don’t like apple products. And I’m so broke. When I needed to replace my old laptop and I was only using it for drawing maybe I would of gone with one of the older models of iPads but since I use a laptop for like…everything else as well…)

    My mom has one of those lightweight PC laptops/tablet. Like, it’s legit more tablet than anything. She had to buy the keyboard seperatly. But it’s been a nightmare for her. (half the nightmare are the dogs and cats destroying charging cords and eating the keyboard and spilling stuff on them… but the life of having a pet XD)


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