My book ib7a06883433f52cb8038a0ab19aa2330s set in a fictional retelling of the small towns I have grown up in all my life.

The town’s name is Good Badger and would be little more than a place in the middle of nowhere…were it not for one special factor.  In fact, Good Badger is quite a tourist trap for a very special reason.  There is some ‘thing’ in it that drives people to visit it.

You’ll find out what that is later.

f196a5ac3c802a892ea010101503181cAnd because of this thing, the town’s economy depends on tourism.  Businesses are able to avoid closing and people don’t have to move away.  As long as Good Badger can keep tourists coming, it can stay alive in a nation that is transitioning away from small town life.  So they keep dressing up Main Street every summer.  They keep waiting for the families to come up from the Twin Cities for a summer adventure.  It’s how life in Good Badger, Minnesota is.

A note to readers: be wary whenever the word ‘good’ is used in the book.


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