An Illustrated Poem


My first poem put to illustration. I might color the drawings digitally at some point, bu for now the black and white suffices for me.

Full poem below:

I dream of antler and gasoline
Metallic shirtsleeves
And orange eyeballs
Does it say that all?
Even on the good days
With smiles and lemon tea
Says the spider to the stag,
“It’s not enough! It’s not enough!”
Running around before the fall
Who spreads his wings to pass away
Until it’s gone to dust
Even when I’m happy, I’m not
Even when I’m lively, I’m not
In another galaxy
Someone snaps my pelvis like an expired chip
Where does it come from?
Where does it lie?
So drink the gasoline like fire
And fix the hurt until it bleeds
Even when I’m me, I’m not
I’m not


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