I’m Elian Lisette. But I also go by Tatum.

I am a writer of primarily creative fiction. I have one self-published novel on Amazon, Resistance, a psychological thriller about the consequences of one man’s psychic abilities. I am also draw in the digital and traditional mediums.

I am a follower of Christ, raised in the American conservative church, currently on my journey to find a spiritual reality free of institution and corruption.

I have been living as a trans male since September 2015. Yes, I’m pre-HRT and top surgery, but hopefully not for long.

As an artist, I always aspire to channel my creativity through the outlet of what surrounds me, what I’ve experienced, and what drives me. I grew up writing fantasy and science fiction short stories, but recently I’ve worked harder to touch on deeply personal subjects. In other words, if we know each other, something you once told me or something in your personality most likely found its way into one of my characters.

My current writing project (untitled as of now) is a tale of horror in which the monsters are our own selfish desires, and the things that go bump in the night are what happens when even good people can be pushed to do evil things. It’s set in a fictional retelling of my old hometown, and I hope to offer more insights into my project on this blog.

Finally, I’m a pretty huge Star Wars nerd. Star Wars inspires my writing and art immensely, and fuels a lot of my passion and love for other worlds. Last but not least, I’m THE Cad Bane fan.

So what can you expect on this blog? Pretty much a big mess of everything I just listed. Stay tuned for goodness on my writing projects, artwork, my personal journey as an LGBT follower of God, and of course Star Wars!


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